Política de calidad / REV 04 MARZO 2017

Our goal and our company policy is to maintain the highest degree of quality in the product and service offered within the framework of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We handle the following phases of heat exchanger production: Design, Manufacture and Sales.

The products and services provided by XLG and its subcontractors will always meet the quality and specifications of our customers. All the equipment we supply within the European Community complies with the legal requirements set out in the European Pressure Equipment Directive 93/27/EC (PED), where it relates to the New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, other European Legislation in force and relevant guidelines.

Moreover, the pressure equipment we supply to our customers outside the European Union also complies with the legal requirements in force in the country where it is to be used.

At XLG we always take the following steps to ensure that we achieve our objectives: 

1_We identify the needs and expectations of our customers and potential customers. 2_We identify and comply with all legal requirements, local or national requirements and regulations with which the industrial equipment and the company must comply. This policy sets the company’s objectives in all other aspects. 3_We guarantee the availability of information and resources that are necessary to improve the performance of our products and monitor the process, providing our workers with the necessary training to be able to perform their work in the most efficient way. 4_We carry out the necessary follow-up, measurement and analysis of the process. 5_We implement the necessary actions to achieve the planned results and ensure the continuous improvement of the quality system. 5_We carefully examine the “Non-conformities” with the aim of progressive elimination of errors to further improve the processes. 7_We constantly develop new products, encouraging R&D to offer our customers and future customers the best possible product. 8_We pursue the complete satisfaction of our customers, so we carry out specific works according to their needs and we go to the customer’s facilities for the final development of the product.

Emilio Sáez Pérez